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Wedding is really an auspicious, great and onetime celebration event of our life which should really be celebrated in unique and memorable way. Here by term memorable it is clear that if it is a onetime event of one’s life it will obviously be memorable but when we talk about uniqueness in wedding we have no answer to such factor because generally marriage is organized and celebrated by everyone in same way except few ones who accepts certain theme for their wedding. Yes, I am talking about   wedding themes  by accepting which whole celebration takes a special look, way and effect. By accepting such themes actually marriages are made unique as well as more memorable by adding few fun events, different celebrating style, dresses theme etc as example, if you have selected historic theme for your wedding, whole atmosphere of wedding venue will be decorated in that way that you will feel as you are in such historic period, even dresses of guest and yours; the couple will also resemble to same period dress style. In short, completely such historic period touch can be felt at such wedding ceremony. Generally such wedding theme is suggested by wedding planners but in my opinion such theme should be selected by the couple because it is their occasion mainly so they should decide in what way they want to celebrate it. However such selection must be done in presence of wedding planners because you or me, are not known to various types of themes so it might be possible that in ignorance we may miss our favorite theme. There are various themes which exist in the market and have won heart of the people as example, monsoon theme, valentine theme, historic theme, medieval day’s theme, Halloween theme, beach theme, fantasy and New Year theme, ethnic theme etc. Theme list is not ended here but yes, these are main highlights. Apart from deciding a theme, there is one more important factor which requires your care and caution that is the rate factor because no matter, how much wedding is important, post wedding celebration also matters and so money must be remained in pocket to enjoy such. Generally on such price factor people become rigid and avoid such theme oriented wedding which is really not a nice decision. Wedding must be celebrated uniquely with particular theme but should choose the wedding planner with care. To get affordable wedding planner, you have two options in hand; one is the online and other is the offline. Whatever mode you select is immaterial but the material fact is that quality of your wedding plans and celebration must not be affected and in addition to that you must choose such planner by paying whom you cannot be empty at pockets.

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